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Silent Jealousy

Kill my memories

1 April
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The Week of the Child : Aries 1
March 25-April 2

Frank and open in demeanor like that of a child you are often accused of having a superficial or naïve view on life. You are constantly rediscovering the world around you and like to express your observations with others. You love spontaneity and liveliness but it is important to you that others regard you as mature and responsible. You often have a highly private personal life and like to have time to be alone. You can fall into spells of depression but prefer to work it out on your own rather then seek professional help. You have a strong belief system. You demand a lot of understanding from your personal relationships. In romantic relationships you need the freedom to be yourself without any restrictions. You like people that are down to earth and with a good sense of humor, the ability to put things into perspective and a life of his or her own.

Strengths: frank – spontaneous – dynamic

Weaknesses: Naïve – Transgressive – over idealistic
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